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Welcome to
Build Your Marriage

We’re Brad & Heidi and it’s great to meet you! Our hope is that we have the opportunity to see you sometime at a marriage retreat or connect through our books, social media, and articles on marriage.

Our journey began when we were in elementary school. We didn’t like each other, but our families were close so we hung out a lot. It wasn’t until high school that we were attracted to each other. By then we were living 1,000 miles apart. So for four years, we built a relationship through writing, phone calls, and reading the same devotions. We’ve been married now for 40 years, but it wasn’t always easy.

Like you, we’ve experienced the peaks and valleys of marriage. In fact, Build Your Marriage was established following a devastating season when we had to fight for our marriage. After an intense season of healing and working on our marriage, we determined to dedicate our lives to helping other couples build a Christ-centered marriage. Our goal is to equip and build marriages and families.

Together, we have over 35 years of pastoral ministry experience. Brad continues to pastor a great church in Ohio that is extremely supportive of this mission to couples. He has a Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. We both graduated from Wheaton College. Our educational paths have given us a solid biblical framework from which we teach.

We love our family! We have three children who are married to incredible spouses, and two grandchildren who are a continual delight. We’re avid readers, exercise enthusiasts, and international travelers. As a couple, we set a goal to try and be in 80 countries by the time we’re 80.

Our mission is to provide the best biblical resources we can to help you build your marriage with Christ at the center! We do this through:

Couples retreats. You can see our menu of session topics here. And you can contact us here to bring us to your community.

Marriage articles. We’ve written nearly 300 searchable articles to help you grow closer in your marriage. You can find them here.

Social media. Almost every day we post something new to encourage, challenge, or resource you and your spouse. You can find those links at the bottom of each page.

Pastoral counseling. We’ve teamed up with a dynamic couple who provide help to couples in need. You can learn more about them, their training, and their free initial session here.


  • Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible, a couples small group Bible study
  • Build Your Marriage One Day at a Time, 366 questions for couples to connect at a deeper level
  • Ruined to Recovery, an Amazon best seller, provides help for husbands and wives when an affair is discovered
Build Your Marriage One Day at a Time
Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible
Ruined to Recovery

As you can see, we are committed to helping you Build Your Marriage! Take a look at our site, try some of our resources, and let’s get to know each other on this amazing journey as couples.

Building Marriages for Jesus,

Brad & Heidi

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