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Books for Building and Equipping Marriages

These Marriage Books Will Help You Build a Great Marriage

Sometimes there is a marriage issue or marital conflict that requires more investigation, more practical help than what a website can provide. In these marriage books, Christian Authors and Marriage Retreat Speaker Heidi and Brad Mitchell share insights and encouragement for building and equipping marriages, so that you can have the marriage you’ve always wanted.

Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible

Married Couples Small Group Study

Are you building your marriage on principles that have stood the test of time? Married couples in the Bible struggled with some of the same issues that married people struggle with today: trusting God in marriage, respecting your in-laws, protecting each other spiritually, heartbreak, loss, and so much more. Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible provides biblical insights to real-life challenges. Through the use of insightful questions for Bible study and application, this book is specifically designed to help you build a Christ-centered marriage and deepen your relationship as a couple.

Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible
Ruined to Recovery

Ruined to Recovery

Help When the Affair is Discovered

Your world is shattered. You just learned your spouse has been unfaithful. Or maybe you are the one who’s been discovered. Your mind is numb and your nerves are raw. You want to be sure your next decision is wise. How do you proceed?

Ruined to Recovery provides critical next steps and hope for the offended…and the offender. This impactful resource is not a replacement for marriage counseling, but rather a tool to use in the process of healing your marriage. 

Marriage experts and founders of Build Your Marriage, Heidi and Brad Mitchell, have walked this painful journey in their own marriage. They share their wisdom in Ruined to Recovery.

Build Your Marriage One Day at a Time

Questions to Help You and Your Spouse Connect at a Deeper Level

Do you remember what it felt like to discover your sweetheart’s dreams, desires, and favorite handcrafted coffee? Rediscover your spouse with Build Your Marriage One Day at a Time.

Most couples want to deepen their relationship but they aren’t sure how to grow closer. The good news is they can start the path toward relational intimacy with just one carefully crafted discussion question a day. Christian marriage speakers and authors, Heidi and Brad Mitchell, have created a book of questions to help every couple discover more about each other and take their relationship to a new level. Enjoy this resource for building and equipping marriages.

Build Your Marriage One Day at a Time

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