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Ruined to Recovery

Our upcoming book!

Do you know someone who is having (or ever had) an extra-marital affair?

Unfortunately, the answer for many of us is “yes.”  According to the most recent statistics, 1 in 4 marriages experiences infidelity. For those marriages rocked by infidelity, only 31% survive after the affair.

Infidelity devastates a marriage. Spouses or their friends reach out to us for advice when they learn of a spouse’s unfaithfulness in marriage. We frequently communicate with couples who are walking through the pain of betrayal.

Several months ago we brainstormed how we could help couples whose lives are shattered by unfaithfulness. We decided to write a book to help those who are on that traumatic journey.

Our book is Ruined to Recovery: Help when the affair is discovered. The book is divided into three sections.  We wrote the first section of the book for the Offended.  You just learned your spouse is unfaithful.  What do you do next?  How do you start to make decisions and become whole again? What do proper boundaries look like? How do you establish those boundaries?

We address the Offender in the second portion of the book. Whether your marriage survives or not, you need to take certain steps to start thinking well again. How do you respond to your spouse? How do you reconcile your actions with who you believed yourself to be? Your choices have crushed your relationships. How do you repair those? Is there hope?

The final portion of Ruined to Recovery is written to the couple, the 31%, who want to rebuild their marriage. What steps can you both take to strengthen your marriage and bring healing to each other? How do you forgive? How do you re-establish trust with your spouse?

Ruined to Recovery helps both spouses navigate their next steps when the affair is discovered. From our experience with couples facing infidelity, they don’t want a lengthy book to read.  They want help and they need a roadmap for healing. Ruined to Recovery provides this.

Every pastor and Christian counselor should have this book available and use it as a resource for couples. Here’s what one Christian counselor wrote about Ruined to Recovery:

As a mental health therapist that engages with many couples who are navigating infidelity issues, this is a must-have resource! I will be using it extensively in my work with couples in need of healing and restoration.”

Scott Hundley
Board Certified Christian Counselor, Director of Community Downtown Columbus, Indiana

The book is in production right now and will be available for preorder on Amazon in early October (we’ll let you know when it’s available!). Get one for your personal library and purchase one for your pastor to have on hand so that every couple who experiences the pain of infidelity has the opportunity, with God’s direction, to be stronger than ever before and build their marriage.