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She’s To Die For

With the horrific tragedy of the Las Vegas shooting came stories of sacrifice, heroism, and bravery. In the face of evil came multiple accounts of first responders, off-duty cops, and ordinary citizens doing everything necessary to save lives and bring comfort.

One of the stories that gripped the world was that of a married couple from Tennessee, Sonny and Heather Melton. They had traveled to Las Vegas and were attending the Harvest 91 concert.

Recounting what happened Heather said, “When we realized it was gunshots going off and not fireworks like everyone thought, I said let’s get down and he said, ‘No, we’ll get trampled. Let’s go, let’s go.’”

“He wrapped his arms around my back and as we started to run, I felt him get shot in the back and we went to the ground.”

Sonny died later that night. It was his love for Heather that caused him to shield his wife and seek to get her to a place of safety. A few days later, Sonny’s bravery brought to our mind what the Apostle Paul wrote, “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her,” (Ephesians 5:25).

Think of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus who “gave himself up” for us on the cross with his life. The challenge for a husband is to love his wife with that same life-giving level of sacrifice.

Almost any husband would be willing to “take a bullet” for his wife. But what about the daily sacrifices that are part of an intimate relationship?

Dying for one’s wife is an everyday decision in the little things of life. It means a husband will be:

1. Sacrificial

  • A sacrificial husband may give up things that are important to him for the well-being of his wife. For example, he may enjoy watching a favorite sport, but choose to sacrifice some game days through the season to do things that his wife would enjoy.
  • A sacrificial husband may put off purchasing a big-ticket item so his wife can purchase something on her wish or need list first.
  • A sacrificial husband opens up to his wife about the details of his day so she can feel more connected with him.
  • A sacrificial husband takes on chores around the house that his wife doesn’t enjoy doing so that she isn’t burdened by them.
  • What else can you think of that a sacrificial husband would do for his wife to “give himself up for her?”

2. A servant

  • A servant husband anticipates his wife’s needs and seeks to meet them. (i.e. “Hey baby, I brought you the blanket because it’s getting chilly.”)
  • A servant husband doesn’t mind being asked to run errands or help with the children.
  • A servant husband frees up his wife to do things she enjoys or to be with girlfriends.
  • What else can you think of that a serving husband would do for his wife to “give himself up for her?”

3. A support

  • A supporting husband identifies his wife’s strengths and encourages her to focus on them.
  • A supporting husband listens empathetically when his wife is hurting or upset.
  • A supporting husband prays with his wife about the things that are important to her.
  • What else can you think of that a supporting husband would do for his wife to “give himself up for her?”

Hopefully, husbands, you will never have to physically die for your wife. But when you see your wife as someone to die for daily, you live out the love of Jesus to her and you build your marriage!