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12 Reasons to Host a Build Your Marriage Event

Hosting a Build Your Marriage event at your church or retreat center is rewarding and impacting. Through the years God has provided opportunities for us to speak at conferences from coast to coast. As we travel we see healthy marriages grow stronger, hurting couples find hope, and miracles of grace and healing that only God can do when couples make room for him to work.

When you offer a Build Your Marriage event it’s well worth the time and planning because of what YOU get out of it as well as the attendees. You have the opportunity to participate in the transformation of marriages and families.

Here are 12 reasons you should consider inviting Build Your Marriage to your location:

1. It’s Biblically-based.

Everything we teach is grounded in Scripture. We are teachers and our sessions are understandable to the Christian and spiritual inquirer alike. We bring out truths from the Bible that apply to every couple.

2. We are Christ-centered.

Healthy couples strive to keep Christ at the center of their marriage. We work to keep Christ at the center of our seminars. At each event we try to communicate how to have a relationship with Jesus.

3. The teaching is practical.

Each session has “how-to” next steps for couples at any stage of marriage. Our sessions aren’t just informational, they are transformational.

4. Our events are multi-generational.

Couples from newly married to 50+ years of marriage have benefited from the Build Your Marriage conferences. A young couple said,

“As newlyweds have gained knowledge on how to build our marriage on Christ.”

Another couple wrote,

“After 50+ years of marriage, you kind-of think you know it all. But this has helped us to realize we can still grow in our love and God’s love!”

5. It’s legacy building.

When couples come to a Build Your Marriage event, new patterns are introduced into their marriage that can change the trajectory of future generations. At the conclusion of one conference a couple said,

“We are going home to apologize to our teenage daughter for all the arguing she has heard between us. Our marriage is going to be different as we pursue Christ together.”

6. Fun.

While we aren’t comedians, the sessions have personal and humorous stories that keep couples engaged and relaxed. The authenticity of the presentations draws couples to hear the truths that lead to transformation in their relationship.

7. Empowering.

Couples tend to come to marriage conferences and retreats with their guard up. They expect to hear all the ways they have failed in their marriage. Instead, we provide a “you can do this” message of hope and encouragement.

8. Refreshing.

Just getting away as a couple and focusing on each other breathes new life into the relationship. Add to the equation empowering and biblical teaching, and husbands and wives leave strengthened and relationally invigorated.

9. Customized format.

We’ve learned that each location has different needs that the leadership wants addressed. As a result, we don’t come in with a “one size fits all” package of sessions. Instead, we work with you to select from our catalogue of 15 sessions to prayerfully determine what will be best for your group. You can find that list of sessions by clicking here.

10. Proven.

With nearly 30 years in ministry we have been in a variety of settings and audiences to whom we’ve been privileged to minister. The feedback from ministry leaders speaks for itself. You can read some of the reviews here.

11. Accessible.

Hosting a marriage event at your church or a venue within driving distance of your location makes marriage transformation a possibility for every couple in your area.

12. Personal.

At every event we try to stay available to talk and pray with couples (on rare occasions logistics prevent us from doing so). We try to build in time to listen, talk, and connect with each couple that desires to visit with us.

So what’s next? Talk to the senior leadership at your church or organization about hosting a Build Your Marriage event. Then connect with us through the form that you’ll find by clicking here. We would love to talk with you as you seek to help others and as you build your marriage!