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15 Valentine’s Dates During Covid

Don’t let a virus slow down your romance!

How are you and your spouse going to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Just like everything else this year, planning a romantic date with your spouse can be a challenge during a pandemic.  And yet, it can be done. You can honor your spouse and celebrate your love.  We’ve listed 15 dates for you and your spouse to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

1. Mystery Dinner.

Some dear friends of ours did this and it was a ton of fun. The wife ordered take-out from a restaurant she and her husband liked. She ordered both of their entrees but didn’t tell her husband what she had ordered. When the time came for him to pick up the meal, she sent him to an address and told him he couldn’t look at the food until he arrived home. He put the address into Mapquest, drove to the restaurant, and was thrilled when he got home to see what meal his wife had selected for him.

2. Make smores…

together outside over a campfire. Cuddle up and enjoy a few moments together under the stars.

3. Order the book Build Your Marriage One Day at Time

Ask each other a few of the 366 questions. You can write down your answers and keep this book as a record of your marriage story.

4. Play each other’s favorite board game.

If you want a new game use an app on your phone or go to for trivia and online quizzes. Sporcle is a favorite in our home. We both get on our computers and have a (usually) friendly competition.

5. Binge watch a favorite TV show or some movies.

6. Have a karaoke party or a family dance party.

Sing some of your favorite songs, dim the lights, and get ready to laugh.

7. Camp out in your family room.

If possible set up a tent or build a fort. Tell stories to your kids about how you met and fell in love. Or have each family member make up a story and whoever has the best story wins a prize.

8. Escape outside.

If you live in a northern climate go sledding, cross-country skiing, or ice-skating. If you live in a warmer climate, bike ride, golf, or play tennis. Go for a walk or hike together. Look up at the night sky.

9. Enjoy a candlelight dinner at home.

Put on some soft music, set the table with your best dishes, and get dressed up. Perhaps your kids can even be your waiters and waitresses.

10. Send your spouse on a scavenger hunt…

in your house or yard. At the end reward them with a gift you know they’ll appreciate.

11. Enroll in an online cooking class.

12. Look at pictures or a video from your wedding.

Tell each other what you enjoyed about your wedding day and what you love about being married today.

13. Have a spa night.

Dim the lights and warm up the bathroom. Make your bathroom your own personal sauna. Take a shower or bath together. Rub each other’s feet or massage each other’s back.

14. Have a picnic in your car.

Order take out and then drive to a scenic place near your home. Maybe that’s a lake, state park, beach, or hill that overlooks your city.

15. Go to bed early and have fun.

Make this Valentine’s Day special for you and your spouse as you Build Your Marriage.