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25 Ways to Have a Romantic Valentine’s Day

In just a few days you have the opportunity to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day. But what will you DO to make it a romantic Valentine’s Day? Here are just a few ideas we came up with (or have done).

  1. Make your spouse’s favorite meal and enjoy it by candlelight.
  2. Cook a special meal together.
  3. Give a card or write a love letter.
  4. Go to dinner.
  5. Plan a romantic get-away.
  6. Spend the evening in bed together.
  7. Watch a romantic movie and have dinner at home.
  8. Go on a walk or hike together.
  9. Attend a special event like a concert or play together.
  10. Give your spouse flowers, chocolate, or coffee.
  11. Give each other back rubs and foot rubs.
  12. Make a play list of the romantic songs from the era when you were dating.
  13. Recount how you got engaged.
  14. Look at your wedding pictures together.
  15. Go for a drive together and find a fun place to park and make out.
  16. While looking at your wedding rings, talk about what they mean to you.
  17. Take a bubble bath together.
  18. Give your spouse a card, note, or gift every hour of the day.  (We buy these at a dollar store.)
  19. Play a game together.
  20. Dance in your kitchen. 
  21. Agree to never use the D(ivorce) word.
  22. Plan a scavenger hunt (and you be the prize at the end of the hunt!).
  23. Make love in a place in your home where you usually don’t. 
  24. Get a sitter for your children and then go to a hotel room—even if you only use it for the evening! 😉 
  25. Pray together asking for God’s blessings on your years ahead.

Share YOUR ideas below for what you’ve done to make a romantic Valentine’s Day to Build Your Marriage!