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3 Ways to Bless Your Spouse

Pastors and Priests give blessings at the end of a worship service. Prayers of blessing are offered for a couple during their wedding ceremony. If someone sneezes we often say, “Bless you!” When we unexpectedly receive something good we remark that we just received a blessing. One of Brad’s relatives from a few generations ago used to call unused silverware after dinner “blessings.” (no dishwashers back then!)

But how can we intentionally bless our spouse? Certainly we can be nice, perhaps purchase something or help around the house. Those aren’t to be minimized at all! And yet, is there something deeper, perhaps more meaningful which we can initiate and bring to him or her?

We are going to suggest three tangible ways you can bless your spouse. Choose one or all three. Choose them often. Every time you sense the Spirit of God nudging you, take a step forward and bless your spouse.

1. Bless your spouse verbally

While it’s important to affirm our spouse for what they do (thanks for vacuuming, working hard at your job, picking up consistently, etc.), there another powerful way to speak blessing into our spouse.

Bless your spouse for who they ARE. Think about the character qualities in them which you can affirm. Here are a few ideas: integrity, work ethic, tenderness, compassion, attention to details, protector, adventurous, loyal, likeable, truthful, understanding, disciplined—you get the idea. Then tell them, “You know, I’ve been watching you and I really love you for how you are _____________.” Or “I respect you for your _____________.” And follow up with an “I love you.”

2. Bless your spouse physically

Non-sexual touches can let your spouse know that you value them and appreciate them. An arm around their waist in public, walking arm-in-arm, holding hands often, a gentle back rub.

A more sacrificial way to bless your spouse physically is sexually. You aren’t always going to “feel” like making love, but giving your spouse the gift of you being as engaged as possible is a way of blessing your spouse. (Note: this does not apply in abusive situations.)

3. Bless your spouse prayerfully

In recent months we have begun holding each other before one of us heads out the door at the start of the day. We then pray out loud for each other while in that embrace. We thank God for each other and for our marriage. We pray for God’s protection, His favor, and His grace. Letting your spouse hear you pray a blessing for them on a regular basis is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow in them.

What do you think? How will you choose to bless your spouse as you build your marriage?