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Build Your Marriage Spiritually

Connecting with your spouse and others to grow

Do you want to grow closer to your spouse spiritually?

At Build Your Marriage our mission is “To help couples build a Christ-centered marriage.” Out of that calling, we are constantly asking, “How can we help couples grow together spiritually?”  We’ve written articles, posted on social media thousands of times, and given conferences around the world to fulfill that calling. But we want to empower couples even more in their spiritual growth.

With that in mind, last year we wrote a small group study called, Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible. The study is designed to be done with other couples, but you can go through it with just your spouse as well. Here’s what Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ, said about it:

“My friends, Brad and Heidi Mitchell, draw out practical lessons that will surely enrich your relationship. Join them in an exciting journey of discovery that will strengthen the bonds between you and your spouse.”

You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here, but here’s a bit more about the study. There are nine sessions with minimal preparation needed by the group facilitator or participants. The first session introduces the group to each other. The following eight sessions look at a different couple of the Bible and the real issues they faced and we face today. Some of the couples and topics studied are:

  • Joseph and Mary, Trusting God
  • Adam and Eve, Protecting each other spiritually
  • Moses and Zipporah, Respecting in-laws
  • Zechariah and Elizabeth, Pain

Tom Gilson, Senior Editor of The Stream writes:

“It’s refreshing to find a couples’ Bible study as authentically biblical as this one. Whether your marriage is right on track, or you’re struggling to hold on, the principles in this study — and the conversations they’ll spark — will be life-changing for your marriage.”

Each session has a biblically-centered introduction of the couple, the context, and the situation they faced. There are questions and passages to look up as a group for discussion. The conclusion of each lesson has five questions for couples to discuss at home and a sample prayer to encourage husbands and wives to pray together.

You can click the title to order or download Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible from Amazon.

Mark Mittelberg, author of Becoming a Contagious Christian and The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask (with Answerssays,

“What better place to learn wisdom for marriage than from couples of the Bible? And who better to learn from than authors and authorities, Brad and Heidi Mitchell? I highly recommend this discussion guide — and these two seasoned guides — for help in strengthening your own marital bonds.”

Chris Bonham is a Senior Executive Pastor and his wife, Kristin, is a Women’s Ministry Director at Grace Family Church in Lutz, Florida. They write,

“In Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible, Brad and Heidi Mitchell set a great foundation for discussions and opportunities to grow your marriage. Each chapter includes practical applications and wisdom to help you communicate with your spouse. If looking to create a common language both of you can use to enjoy your marriage, this is the book for you!

Build marriages spiritually by getting together with friends and connecting through Build Your Marriage with Couples of the Bible — or you can study it with your spouse! Whichever you choose, you will be taking intentional steps to build your marriage!