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Can you thank your spouse for these 75 things?

Building a heart of gratefulness for your spouse

This week is Thanksgiving and we will be remembering some things for which we’re thankful.  Do you love your home? Are you grateful for your job? Your kids? Your church family? The car you drive?  Where does your spouse fit it? Are you thankful for your spouse? (We trust you are!)

So often in marriage we forget to thank our spouse for who they are and for all they do for us.  We take them for granted. Our challenge is that this week you take a few moments and tell your spouse some of the ways they’ve blessed you.  We made a list of 75 items that you can thank your spouse for. If some of the list doesn’t apply to you, don’t say those things (we value integrity).  Instead, use the list for ideas on how you may encourage your spouse in the future.

Thank your spouse for…

  1. The time you spend together
  2. How they provide for you
  3. His/her hard work and effort
  4. Listening well
  5. His/her spiritual influence
  6. Keeping a clean home
  7. Training the children
  8. Managing finances
  9. Respecting you
  10. His/her wisdom
  11. Taking care of himself or herself
  12. Holding your hand
  13. Driving the children to school & activities
  14. Their generosity
  15. The chores they do
  16. Saving money where they can
  17. His/her kindness
  18. Making wise choices
  19. Dating you
  20. Their courage
  21. Taking you on vacations
  22. His/her cheerful attitude and encouragement
  23. The comfort they bring you
  24. Their faithfulness
  25. Laughing with you
  26. Their friendship
  27. Buying you gifts
  28. The delicious meals he/she makes
  29. His/her attention to their spiritual growth
  30. Going to church with you
  31. Being an awesome lover
  32. Doing laundry
  33. Forgiving you
  34. Praying together
  35. Filling your car with gas
  36. Writing you notes
  37. Telling you about their day
  38. The values you share
  39. Loving your parents well
  40. Being a good dad/mom to your children
  41. Handling disagreements in a healthy way
  42. Mowing the yard
  43. His/her commitment and loyalty to you
  44. Telling the truth
  45. The compliments he/she gives you
  46. Giving you flowers
  47. Cleaning the kitchen
  48. Running errands for you
  49. Helping in our business
  50. Participating in a Bible study/small group with you
  51. Being a good driver
  52. Remembering anniversaries and birthdays
  53. Watching sports with you
  54. Sacrificing for you
  55. Meeting your needs
  56. Sexually satisfying you
  57. Giving you a break from the kids
  58. Remembering what’s important to you
  59. The peace and joy he/she brings you
  60. The many times he/she has shared with you
  61. Smiling at you when you talk
  62. Freeing you up to hang out with friends
  63. His/her style
  64. Choosing you
  65. Packing your lunch
  66. Walking in the rain so you don’t have to
  67. Reading devotions with you
  68. His/her texts and phone calls
  69. The back rubs and hugs they’ve given you
  70. The way they decorate
  71. Being willing to try something new
  72. Moving when they didn’t want to
  73. His/her perseverance
  74. The adventures you enjoy together
  75. His/her love for you

Practice expressing thanks and appreciation to your spouse this week and throughout the year as you build your marriage!