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Celebrate Your Anniversary

We love to celebrate and we make it a priority in our marriage to celebrate each other. The most important celebration is our anniversary and while we don’t go “all-out” each year, we make sure it’s a special day.

What amazes us is how many couples we meet who don’t celebrate their anniversary. When we ask them why we get a variety of answers:

  • “I don’t know why…we just don’t.”
  • “We don’t have the money to celebrate.”
  • “He/she always has to travel for work over our anniversary.”
  • “We’ve been through _______ (betrayal, lying, etc.), so there isn’t much to celebrate.”
  • “We don’t do anniversaries or even give gifts on birthdays—it just isn’t ‘us.’”

Sadly, one of the spouses usually indicates in some manner that they wish they did celebrate their anniversary. But instead they defer to the one who isn’t “into that kind of thing.”

We want to challenge every couple, the anniversary celebrators and the non-celebrators to step up their celebration a notch or two. Celebrations are found throughout the pages of the Bible, so why not bring that into your marriage as well?

  • The Israelites annually celebrated a variety of feasts to remember God’s activity in their history.
  • King David celebrated the return of the ark to Israel.
  • The Israelites celebrated the dedication of the temple.
  • When the wall of Jerusalem was rebuilt there was a great celebration at its dedication.
  • When the prodigal son returned home his father threw a great celebration.
  • And when your anniversary comes, it only makes sense to celebrate it as well!

So what can you celebrate? Here are four things to keep in mind on your anniversary:

1. God’s goodness.

Your spouse is God’s gift to you. Perhaps the two of you can share a simple prayer of thanks to God. “Lord, you have blessed me with ________. Thank you. I continue to treasure the one you have given me.”

Reflect together on all of the ways God has been good to you. You might talk about his provision of children or financial blessings. It may be gratefulness for his guidance through the years. Perhaps God protected you in some supernatural way. Be sure to remember these things as they are reminders of His continued goodness that is present in your marriage.

2. Great memories.

The two of you share memories with a perspective that no one else in the world could have. There have been embarrassing moments you still laugh about. You’ve enjoyed vacations together. If you have children there are plenty of memories you share in raising them.

We were on a walk on our anniversary and had a blast with “Do you remember when…?” questions regarding our wedding. A walk down memory lane is a journey of celebrating you.

3. Grounded commitment.

Because of your faith, the commitment you expressed at the altar continues to preside in your marriage. In our present culture a couple that remains committed to marriage is to be honored. Commitment, sadly, is rare today. You have chosen to keep Christ at the center of your lives and marriage. His presence keeps your commitment to one another grounded. Celebrate your years of commitment.

4. Go out.

Make sure you do something special on or near your anniversary to celebrate the two of you. Some years we’ll get away for a night, weekend or extended trip. Some years it’s dinner, Dairy Queen cones :), and a concert. Take the time, make the effort and celebrate together as you build your marriage.