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Five Ways to Cultivate Organic Romance

There are some simple, natural, and healthy ways to cultivate romance into your marriage every day. These things don’t take money, nor do they require a lot of time. But when practiced, they can create a soil that grows and abundant harvest of romance in your marriage.

When you were dating you were careful about how you treated each other. But through the years of marriage, some of those practices which seemed to come naturally to you may have begun to fade away. It’s time to re-instill the things you did before. It’s time to implement purposeful courtesy into your marriage.

When our marriage lacks courtesy, it’s like sowing weeds and chemicals into our relationship. It isn’t healthy, it gets choked, and slowly the love and romance begins to wilt.

Bringing courtesy into our marriage infuses our relationship with respect. It displays how we honor our spouse in front of our children. Here are five ways to cultivate organic romance in your marriage:

1. Texting etiquette

When your spouse is talking to you, give them your fullest attention. Allowing text messages to interrupt your spouse dishonors them. It says that whatever random person chooses to send you a message at their leisure is more important than what your spouse has to say. It sends a subtle non-text message to your spouse that what they have to say isn’t important to you. Giving your full attention cultivates romance.

2.  “What’s the magic word?”

Do you remember when your parents or adults would ask you that question? The answer was, “please!” When you ask your spouse to do something for you, remember the “magic word!” Saying please cultivates romance.

3. “What did you forget to say?”

Alright, there were TWO questions our parents or adults would ask us. 😉 And you know the answer—“thank you!” Show gratitude for even the simple things—like providing dinner, clean underwear, bringing you a glass of water. Saying thank you cultivates romance.

(See? These courtesies aren’t that hard to pick up!)

4. Who enters first?

Men, when you and your wife get to a door, step up your pace and open it for her. It will make her feel honored and cherished that you are preparing the way for her. (And she doesn’t have to get the door germs on her hands!) Opening doors cultivates romance.

5. Remember the chair

And while we’re talking to the guys, when was the last time you pulled the chair out for (not from) your wife? How about at home? Showing simply courtesy like this at home sets and example if you have children at home, and it communicates that your spouse is worthy of your effort to serve her like a queen. Remembering the chair cultivates romance.

So how’s the organic romance in your marriage? Planting and cultivating organic romance in your marriage is something you can do every day. So get busy and build your marriage!