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Build Your Marriage in the Holy Land in 2020

Here’s a powerful way to build your marriage spiritually

Imagine being with your spouse on the Sea of Galilee in the Holy Land, going to the Garden Tomb, and visiting the Church of the Nativity just before Christmas! This tour to the Holy Land is the trip of a lifetime where you can Build Your Marriage spiritually and relationally. Join us for an incredible eight trip to Israel where we will walk where Jesus walked. You will never read the Bible the same again. Your conversations as a couple will deepen as you talk about what you have seen and heard in the Holy Land. Some of the evenings we will be teaching Build Your Marriage sessions to further enhance your experience as a couple. The total nearly all-inclusive cost PER COUPLE is $4,996 out of JFK December 1-8, 2020. Singles can come too!  Click here for more details: