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How to Successfully Transition to the School Year

Are your children looking forward to the coming school year? Brad was recently talking to two twin girls about to enter 6thgrade and asked if they were looking forward to school. One nodded her head vigorously while the other shook her head with about the same energy!

As the start of school looms in the not-too-distant future, the two of you have a window of opportunity to help your children end the summer well and start school strong. Intentional and unified parenting brings blessing and security to your home. And this is a season when you can plan specific ways to build experiences and memories with your kids. It also sets an example for your children on how they can partner with their spouse one day in raising the next generation!

Here are some simple ways you can connect with your children and make the most of this important season in their lives:

Wrapping up the summer

  1. Go on a family hike.
  2. Have a picnic at a nearby park or state park.
  3. Go to a drive-in movie.
  4. Make popcorn and watch a fun movie.
  5. Have a game night.
  6. Plan a “you choose” hour where each child can decide what you do (within reason, of course!).
  7. Take a little overnight or weekend getaway as a family.
  8. Dads, take each child out and talk about the school year, any concerns your child may have, and ask how you can encourage them.
  9. Go to the zoo.
  10. Do something personalized with each child that they enjoy (bake, watch them play Legos or a sport, swim, etc.).

Starting school well

  1. Ask your children what they would like you to pray for in the coming school year.
  2. As a couple, place your hands on your child and pray for their request(s).
  3. Plan time with each student to organize their room and closet before school starts (have a reward at the end like ice cream).
  4. As a couple, establish chores and expectations for the upcoming year in writing and go over them as a family.
  5. As a family, drive to each child’s school parking lot and say a prayer for their teachers and friends.
  6. Decide as a couple where you would like to see each child grow.  Some ideas would be:  teach your student how to tithe or budget, develop a daily practice of Bible reading, chores, learn to drive, encourage regular attendance at a youth group or Bible study, etc.
  7. Tell your children what school was like for you.
  8. Purchase the school supplies and sports equipment early so it isn’t rushed (if your state has a tax-free weekend be sure to take advantage of that, too!).
  9. Remind your children that you two are there to encourage and support them.
  10. Host a back to school party for your children and their friends.

What else would you add? As you partner together in parenting you will grow closer and build your marriage!