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Love When Life is Uncertain

Life is unpredictable and as a result, we need to say our love and show our love daily to our spouse.

On April 15, 2013 two bombs took the lives of three people at the Boston Marathon and physically altered the lives of 176 others. Emotionally our nation has carried the pain of their loss and wondered where and when terror may strike again.

Weeks earlier we viscerally ached as a nation through the Newtown, CT tragedy. On a local scale, families face loss a variety of ways—some expected and others unexpected and far too soon.

We will reference some resources below which may be of help in processing and understanding why there is evil, pain and sorrow. Our purpose right now is to urge each of us to be intentional in our marriages vs. the pull toward routine and neglect. To show appreciation to our spouse that he/she deserves.

Years ago our youngest daughter had a fear that something may happen to another family member after we left the house. She was quite young at the time, but initiated saying “love!” as the final word as someone walked out the door or at the conclusion of a phone call. The reason? She wanted the last thing she said and we heard to be that we were loved.

In the years since that time we have continued saying “love!” in our family. In fact, even our final text messages often end with “love!” Perhaps that tradition should be initiated in all our homes. What do you think?

In light of the latest tragedies, we encourage you to be reminded anew of the vows you uttered before God and man. You once said that you were committed to “love and to cherish, until death us do part.” Do whatever is necessary today to make your vow a reality as you build your marriage.

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