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A Marriage Resolution

A Marriage Resolution


As I go through 2015, I, ______________ (insert name) have resolved the following in my marriage to _______________ (insert spouse’s name):


I will pursue growing closer to Jesus

I will influence my relationship my spouse through my relationship with Jesus

I will pray daily for my spouse

I will pray with my spouse

I will daily seek to reflect the “fruit” (evidence) of the Spirit in my marriage: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control

I will forgive my spouse quickly

I will ask forgiveness right away when I am wrong

I will assume the best

I will be courteous and polite to my spouse

I will listen carefully with the intent of understanding my spouse’s heart and perspective

I will practice eye contact with my spouse as often as possible

I will smile several times a day at my spouse

I will actively romance my spouse (notes, dates, gifts, affection, etc.)

I will make love regularly with my spouse

I will accept personal responsibility for my failure/sin

I will give verbal affirmation to my spouse daily

I will hold my spouse’s hand in public

I will speak positively about my spouse to others

I will protect my marriage by keeping healthy boundaries with the opposite gender

I will practice patience with my spouse

I will act loving even when I don’t feel loving

I will express sincere appreciation for my spouse regularly

I will guard against criticizing my spouse

I will kiss my spouse often

I will treasure my spouse