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The Ten Commandments of Marriage and Social Media

We aren’t anti-social media, but we are all about using it wisely to build your marriage. Without careful controls on its use in marriage, social media can lead to unhappiness and even divorce. A University of Texas at Austin survey found that people who are heavy users of social media are 32% more likely to think about leaving their spouse. To build your marriage you have to guard your marriage.

Here are ten commandments of social media to read with your spouse. Print it, sign it, and post it in a place where you both can read it. 

1. You shall not have any hidden accounts.

2. You shall share all passwords with your spouse.

3. You shall only speak the best of your spouse (and children).

4. You shall not search for former loves.

5. You shall not hint about your spouse in a way that everyone knows what you are saying and about whom who you are saying it. (Pictures, quotes, etc.)

6. You shall keep all disagreements with your spouse offline.

7. You shall go to bed when your spouse does and not stay on Facebook.

8. You shall not have private conversations with the opposite gender.

9. You shall not flirt or sext.

10. You shall think twice before posting—when in doubt, don’t.

What do you think of this list? What else would you add to build your marriage?