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7 Reasons to Write Love Notes

When was the last time you gave your spouse a handwritten love note? Texts, emails, and audio texts don’t count here—our focus is using pen and paper to write a romantic note to your mate.

According to a British survey conducted in June 2012 the average time since an adult wrote anything at all by hand was 41 days. In fact, one in three people said they hadn’t written anything by hand for at least six months!

Before we were married our relationship was long distance for four years. During the last two of those years we wrote each other a letter every day—without fail. There are two trunks filled with old love letters in our basement (don’t tell our children!). We carried the practice of writing love notes into our marriage and it has continued to this day. We still text or email quick words of love, affection, and appreciation—but the handwritten note carries more significance.

We want to challenge you to begin writing your spouse a note at least once a week. You can do it—and here are seven reasons why you should write a handwritten love note:

1) It takes time and effort

Yes, this may be your excuse for why not to write a note, but the energy expended to write will be appreciated by your spouse. Time and effort are important deposits into your marriage love bank.

2) Notes require thoughtfulness

To sit down and hand write what is on your heart requires a slowing of process. There is additional care given when using ink because you can’t hit delete and start over. Thoughtfulness is a key ingredient to romance.

3)  Love notes are fun to find

There is an element of mystery injected into your relationship because neither of you will know when or where a note will show up! It’s like a mini love-gift that’s free to give but priceless to receive.

4) It’s a window into your heart

When you write it is like pulling back the blinds and revealing the blazing fire in your heart for your spouse. What you choose to express will matter to your spouse in ways that go deeper than the words themselves.

5) It’s specific to your spouse

Emails and texts can have multiple recipients, but a hand written note has only one—and that is your mate. They feel special, prized, and honored when you choose to write down your love for them.

6) Your note is lasting and can be saved

Hard drives containing emails can crash, but what you share on paper can be preserved in a drawer, a book, a safety deposit box, or a trunk in the basement. 🙂

7) It can be delivered creatively

You can send a card by mail to your spouses workplace. If they are usually the one to get the mail at home—mail it to your home! You can leave a post it on the mirror, or tape your words to their steering wheel. Leave a note on their pillow or slip it under their sheet before they get in bed!

Write and give a note and then share what happened below—we’d love to hear from you as you build your marriage!

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Thanks for the comment and way to go, Rosey! And congratulations on your upcoming wedding. God’s blessings to you two!

I wrote my fiance a 4 page note jus a couple months ago and it made him the happiest ever! I also left him 2 small notes on his work schedule board at home one day while he was at work. I told him when we get married to be prepared to receive lil notes like that all the time. Bcuz I love the thought of writing notes. The younger generation don’t like the idea of it anymore but I’m in my late 20s and I love it!

THAT IS AWESOME! Way to go, Rachel–and we love the mystery of typing the label to throw him off. What a fun birthday surprise! Thank you for sharing it!

This post came at the perfect time. Right before reading it, I had just mailed out a card for my husband. We don’t get a ton of exciting mail at home, mostly just junk, but it is fun when we get something meaningful in the mail. Since my husband’s birthday is on Thursday, I decided to surprise him by mailing a card to him so that he gets something in the mail for his birthday. I knew that if I wrote his name and address on the envelope he would know right away it was from me. So I typed it up on a label…hopefully it will add to the excitement of who could this card could be from. 🙂

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